Chris Battenfield

Full-Stack Software Engineer


I'm a Software Engineer who loves diving deep into emerging technologies to create innovative web applications. I build full-stack products with Node.js and modern front-end frameworks such as Angular and React including Redux.

Fun Fact

I used to be a Professional Poker Player living abroad in a small Mexico beach town with my adventurous pup, One-Eye Jack. My biggest accomplishment in poker was developing an innovative strategy tool for a game called Omaha Hi/Lo. Most people ask me about my single biggest score, which was winning a one-day online poker tournament for $100,000.


Software Engineer

At Walmart Labs I constructed performant components for redesigned pages in React/Redux, deployed to millions of daily users nationwide. I promoted best practices and supported code reusability by contributing to Walmart’s massive e-commerce React component library. I developed node orchestration layer controllers to receive component data from core Java back-end.

Associate Software Engineering Instructor

At Hack Reactor I guide students through the computer science program. My role includes technical lectures, one-on-one senior pairing, as well as mindset coaching.

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Front-end Engineer

TraderSquare is an Intrino partnered stock selecting application built for everyone. I routed views through react-router, and customized reusable components that are state managed predictably by Redux.

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Full Stack Engineer

EventSpot is a concert aggregator selection tool used for finding artists' playlist who are playing live near the user. I parsed data from multiple APIs to aggregate events and display. During one sprint I completely overhauled the front-end Angular routing to implement a back-end geo-location & zip code feature.

Professional Poker Player

Resource and time management is an integral part of being a Professional Poker Player. I have brought that to my Software Engineering career along with grit, determination, as well as algorithmic thinking. I managed SQL databases chalk full of player statistics and boiled them down to develop an innovative strategic algorithm.

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